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Hypnosis is quite a fascinating modality. Especially when you consider its history.


I would say its comparable so a cicada. Which may be a bad analogy but I’m a bit in a rush so I wanted to get this point out quickly. So hear me are you okay. See a cicada goes underground and hides for about 3 to 5 years. While underground is biting his time is collecting resources it’s getting bigger it’s getting fat it’s getting stronger.


Then all of a sudden it comes back with a hunger and tackled all of his enemies killing every other insect and feeding on everything swarming everybody. Wait now that I think about it this is a horrible analogy for hypnosis. But I’m going to keep going cuz I believe that I can still salvage this.


With hypnosis it goes away in the eyes of the public. People write it off for whatever reason or something that’s fake or that doesn’t work.


Yeah then you got one celebrity that tries it and then ramps up into a craze about hypnosis. Or maybe you’ll get a hypnosis movie like get out better get people interested into the subject again.


It comes and goes kind of like a fad. Which sucks cuz it’s extremely effective. For a variety of problems. And the people who have used it swear by it. Yet for some reason it fades back into¬† obscurity.


I rack my head trying to think why this happens but it’s okay cause why others may lose interest their is a hard core group of people that need help and feel like hypnosis is the option for them. So for that select group of people that have tried every intervention and nothing has worked hypnosis may be the best solution. So don’t let the fact that it’s not in the limelight deter you from using it