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I know that sounds like a very odd statement but it’s true.

Anxiety is difficult to treat when you are working with the wrong professional.

And no, not every professional is equal!

Just because they’re licensed doesn’t mean they’re nice at their job, like yours truly.

They may BS you and tell you they can help you only to make you feel like medication may be the only option for you.

Because they have a limited tool of resources in their “Walmart therapist” toolbox.

(Not to diss Walmart, they really do have great deals. But you get the point!)

Luckily, I’m here to tell you that the person you work with matters.

If they are good at their job, their clients will sing their praises and recommend them, the same way you recommend a good tax person (especially if they know how to get you that sweet return).

But yes, the person you work with matters.

Just because they follow the standard cognitive behavioral therapy manual they got straight out of grad school, doesn’t mean anything.

A lot of those manuals never really fit the clients I worked with.

So, chances are, they won’t fit you either.

After all- can you be put in a box?

I think not! Matter of fact voice

Which is why I created my own approach.

My approach is simple. I teach you how you create your own anxiety.

I then teach you how to reduce that anxiety.

We part ways, and you call me a lot- often to tell me how great you are doing.

See? Pretty simple, right?

If you think so, contact me!