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I try not to think too much about the results I help others get with hypnosis, but it’s hard.

Especially when I’m on the phone with a new client.

I try to temper down my claims because I hate overpromising.

I really, really hate it.

But when they ask me, “What are the results you’ve gotten with your clients?”

I get a gigantic smile on my face .

I know I’m about to say something they’re not going to believe .

For instance, I had someone come in and see me twice for weight loss hypnosis.

They wanted something small done.

I consider it a small problem anyway.

They thought it was a big problem.

The issue was- they had been snacking while at work and when they got off work.

This was pretty much their only problem.

Besides that, they went to the gym and ate healthy food on a regular basis.

They just couldn’t stop snacking.

Somehow, they developed this superpower. The power to find all the snacks in their office.

(At least that’s what it sounded like to me.)

So my solution was simple. I hypnotized them to think cupcakes were roaches and it worked like a charm!

Every time they ate a cupcake, they screamed!

I basically ruined cupcakes for them for the rest of their life.

Sorry.. I’m just kidding, that’s not what I did!

What I actually did was rewired their mind to no longer use food as a source of reward.

Once I did that, they noticed a dramatic decrease in their snacking habits.

They also noticed another benefit after working with me.

But that is something I’ll have to share sometime in the future because my baby is crying right now.

Daddy to the rescue!

But just know that, if you call me and ask me about my results, I’m not bragging.

I’m just sharing what’s been happening for a long while.

Amazing results are possible for you, too!