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Testimonials from our client who has experience changes in their lives.

Latronya Ware

5 months ago

If you are like me, you are probably not sure if hypnotherapy will be effective. But after, 4 sessions with Jeff I am truly thankful that I didn’t listen to my own skepticism. My first session with Jeff proved to be empowering. I walked away feeling more confident and lighter. Each session after I gained more insight, more confidence and more aware of what was holding me back from living my best life. Jeff included traditional therapy for the first part of the session before the hypnosis. I learned different skills and techniques that I am able to use on a daily basis. He truly breaks things down in a way that is understandable and relatable. So, please don’t hesitate to book a session with Jeff. He is very accommodating and truly passionate about helping his Clients. I have been in traditional therapy off and on for the past 10 years. I am also a licensed social worker who has the experience to recognize when Therapists are good or bad! Jeff is great!!! He is the best Therapist I have had. I will recommend him to anyone.

Lynnae Dalleva

3 months ago

Jeff was easy and wonderful to talk to. I reached out to Jeff because I wanted to feel better about flying. I was rehearsing everything going wrong with an upcoming flight I was taking for vacation. I had so much anxiety that I wasn’t sure I would be able to get on the plane. After his therapy I was able to stop playing out the terrible scenarios in my head. I got on the plane without hesitation but the turbulence was still uncomfortable . It definitely helped!

Rasheedah Shultz

2 months ago

Jeff was amazingly in-tune to the specific type of therapy I was needing at the time. Since an accident at work I’ve been suffering from anxiety and PTSD. Jeff has helped me to better understand my thoughts, emotions, and fears. He also has taught me a lot of techniques that have proven to be extremely useful in my times of need. Jeff’s The BEST! Forget About The Rest!

D Car

a month ago

If you have lost hope in being able to figure out how to turn things around in your life, conquer that which paralyzes you, or stop repeating bad choices, Jeff can bring you out of that darkness, restore your faith, and get you excited about the future. He can help you make changes in your life that you never thought were possible.

After years of trying different therapists and being disappointed, I was extremely reluctant to try another one. Then I came across Jeff and read his reviews. I decided to give it one more shot, and I thank God I did! Jeff is amazing!! He loves what he does, and it shows. He is genuine, focused on getting you where you want to be, and is there to help you every step of the way. The hypnosis is like the icing on the cake! It ingrains the right things into your mind to help you reprogram your subconscious

If you are ready for a change, ready to put in the work, and want to see incredible things happen in your life, take a step of faith and contact him.

Noel Hull

7 months ago

Jeff is by far the best therapist I have ever visited. He let you say what you feel is bothering you and holding you captive with anxiety.

Then with your help he slowly breaks everything down to where he knows exactly where the work needs to be done to set you free. The conversation accompanied by the hypnosis has really helped me.

I plan on seeing him a few more times to really get my anxiety under control. I highly recommend Jeff’s services if you a suffering from mental health issues and need a boost of help.


6 months ago

One of the best experiences I ever had in my life. I left out feeling more confident than ever to tackle my fears and anxieties. I came in unmotivated to try and tackle my fears and left out a new man. His methods are the best and most importantly he is genuine. You can tell it’s not about money but about helping you overcome your anxiety’s and fears. Thank God for this man. Even though our sessions are done I will be coming back monthly because I can see results and changes already.

Anthony F

10 months ago

I’ve been dealing with some pretty bad anxiety as of late and I decided that I needed some help. I was looking up therapist and other places I could go and I found Maryland Apex Hypnosis. I decided that this would be a good course of action for me and something that I was interested in trying out. I’ve had two sessions and Jeff has helped me lessen my anxiety and given me some tips and tricks for when I am feeling anxious. Jeff is a great guy and is easy to talk to (even when having to open up about things you wouldn’t normally talk about). I would definitely recommend to a friend. I am excited to continue my work with Jeff!

Rachel Pritchard

10 months ago

Jeff has been a LIFESAVER! Working with him on my anxiety has literally changed my life. I have been to multiple different therapists for my anxiety and have been prescribed medication to help and nothing has come close to the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Jeff! Absolutely recommend!

Sharon Tu

4 months ago

Very helpful, effective, focused, and compassionate therapy and treatment. He helped me look at things differently. This translated to better decisions making and discernment in my life.

Tobi Olonisakin

2 months ago

I want to thank Jeff for helping me go into my board exam with confidence. I am really grateful, if you are looking for a hypnotherapist he is the one!

Mary Lucke

7 months ago

Had Smoking Cessation Session ( Hypnosis). , with Jeff Avila. My Hypnosis took place over 2 years ago. Definetely a Sucessful Experience for Me. My Hypnosis was Immediate Gratification, All Desire and Need to Smoke had Disapeared . Jeff was Very Pleasant and Professional .I would encourage ANYONE to Use this Method. The Rewards far Exceeds the Expense Involved. Much Thanks and Appreciation to Jeff , U SAVED MY LIFE. Mary Lucke.

faith dunn

9 months ago

I suffer from insomnia.My body/mind will not fall asleep naturally so I use zanax/benadryl.Once I fall to sleep I will often wake in the wee hours and either stay awake all night or go into a twilight sleep.Always feeling exhausted and very frustrated.
I tried hypnosis and it did not fix everything but helped a lot.Jeff is a very compassionate man who will listen and help you to manage your problems.Though I am not able to go to sleep naturally I now sleep all night. If I wake I naturally fall back to sleep awakening and feeling refreshed.This was a really great experience for me and worth every penny.Moving forward I hope this review can help someone. God bless.

Danielle M. Harris (Dani)

a year ago

I’m not going to lie, I was definitely a skeptic when it came to hypnosis. Even during the first session I wasn’t aware it was working until I realized it was. For me hypnosis was nothing like what you see on TV.
What I loved about Maryland Apex Hypnosis was the fact Jeff incorporate conventional therapy with the hypnosis. I was able to talk through some of my issues prior to “getting to the root” . What I learned about this process was some times the root wasn’t so clear for me or him, but the subconscious definitely told on me 😉. That alone made the process of healing some what easier to work through.
It didn’t hurt that I was open to the process and committed to change. I’m not healed, but I’m definitely in a different place mentally.

George Chijioke

7 months ago

This man changed my life. I’ve battled depression, anxiety, addiction, and self-esteem issues for most of my adolescent and adult life and within a few sessions I’ve been able to come to terms with all of it. Through the work I’ve done with Mr. Aviles, I’m a much happier and healthier person. Worth every penny 👍🏿.

Jasmine Blake

2 years ago

I had a really great experience with Jeff. He has helped me with meditation techniques that I can use on an everyday basis. He is also very honest with you which was very important to me. Definitely was not the typical therapy session where you leave feeling the same way you cake in. I learned something new about myself every session and walked out feeling ready to face my challenges. I will recommend to anyone!

Nikya Rollins

2 years ago

I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression back in March of this year and I called Apex for help and they Recommend Jeff. My childhood wasn’t the greatest and last year I had a traumatizing event take place all in which caused me to have real bad anxiety. Jeff is a life saver I recommend him to anyone that is going through hard times in life. I’m happy I got connected with him. Since speaking with him he has always listened and helped me challenge myself from day one and also understood my main goals were to eventually learn techniques so i wouldn’t have to take medication to cope with anxiety and depression. I have had multiple Er visits, crying, not eating and Losing over 45 pounds in 3 months. Jeff has taught me great techniques to cope with my Anxiety and Im proud to say that Im off all medications and this is week four of me feeling great and back to myself. I have also been working on my goals in life and he has helped me with each goal and continues to push me to follow my dreams and do things that make me happy. I have mapped out my goals I would like to accomplish in the next few years and i’m happy we discussed these things because I always have something great to look forward too. Awesome person and genuinely cares about everyone’s well being. I will continue to see him for therapy and also recommend other’s to connect with him also.

Allegra Burney

2 years ago

I have been going to traditional therapy for a while, on and off for years. However, my therapist recommended that I go to Jeff to help bring closure to some things in my childhood. I wasn’t sure if it was going to help at all since I had been going to traditional therapy for a while. I was also skeptical if hypnosis could work over the computer. Due to Covid I decided to proceed with the hypnosis therapy sessions via zoom. Within the six sessions I was able to heal my past hurts. This has caused me to look at everything differently. And caused me to be more aware of and decrease transferring issues with my father onto my husband. I am very grateful for Jeff and the techniques that he used to help me feel whole within myself and happy. To get the most out of the sessions you have to be vulnerable, transparent and descriptive of your pain.

LaTara Jackson

2 years ago

My experience at Maryland Apex Hypnosis was AMAZING. I had been going through a very hard time and I’m so happy that I put doubt aside and reached out to Jeff for help. The experience has changed my life. It not only got me through a rally hard breakup, but Jeff gave me ways and techniques to build my confidence and lower anxiety. I HIGHLY recommend Jeff to help anyone that is ready to leave bad habits, unhealthy attachments, and negative feelings in the past while developing a path to a new, happier future.

Michael Becker

2 years ago

Jeffrey is truly amazing. I had been having trouble enjoying competitive golf. Anxiety and negative swing thoughts were reeking havoc on my game. Golf which was once a pleasurable activity, had become filled with anxiety and nervousness. So much so that I considered giving up a game I once loved. With hypnosis Jeff helped get rid of the negative thoughts and visualize positive results. It has made all the difference. I love golf once again.

Rachel Rev

2 years ago

I am so grateful to have Jeff as my counselor. He has really helped me through rough times to find self love and see a better future for myself. he has a very unique style that is unlike any counselor I have come across before. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who is lucky enough to live in this area. Thank you Jeff!!!!

Nicole Steier Lopez

3 years ago

I contacted Apex to address my general anxiety and irrational fear of something in particular and in just one month Jeff helped me to overcome my general anxiety and helped with my procrastination and issues surrounding perfectionism. We met once a week and each session he gave me a few small tips and tools that I was able to apply through the week. Meditation had not always been accessible to me because when I was having extreme anxiety I felt like a I couldn’t catch my breath and doing mediation that focused on the breath usually made it worse. Jeff guided me through a few short meditations that did not focus on the breath and I now meditate every day which helps my anxiety immensely. We are still working on the irrational fear but I have no doubt that it won’t be long before that is resolved fully as well. I highly recommend Jeff for helping with issues surrounding fear and anxiety.

Co Ci

2 years ago

Jeff is so easy to talk to! I’ve only been going for a short period of time ,but Jeffrey has already changed my way of thinking and I feel really Positive Vibes for 2020! I highly recommend him if you want down to earth ,casual ,and effective counseling.

Blake Gaster (BGinsanity)

3 years ago

Helped immensely with stress and anxiety control as well as helped me maintain my diet better through repeated hypnosis sessions. I always leave hypnosis sessions with Jeff feeling much less anxious and stressed. Repeated sessions have helped me lose weight with a combination of behavior modification and hypnosis to reinforce it. It has also helped with my confidence by helping me envision who exactly I want to be/strive to be. I’ve found this very helpful in my treatment and everyday life, I highly recommend this as part of your treatment and highly recommend Jeff and Apex Counseling.

Carmaletta Able

a year ago

My experience with Mr. Aviles was excellent and simple. I’ve always wonder if hypnosis work and it really do! He help me overcome my fear of spiders and now I can look at them and be okay around them. If your looking for a reliable and patient hypnotherapist, Mr. Aviles is the one for you. Thank you Mr. Aviles for helping me overcome this barrier and being patient with me during the entire experience. I appreciate you.

Agata Nowosadko

3 years ago

I consider Jeff to be not only a therapist, but a healer. It isn’t only his knowledge and expertise that defines the way he works with people; it’s also the power of his caring and his intent. Every hypnosis session I’ve had with him has left me with profound realizations about my life’s journey. For me, those experiences have been like having the most meaningful of dreams while awake… As children, we have an innate connection to the wellspring of the imagination, but many of us tend to lose touch as we grow older. In helping me to experience again how strongly my imagination can influence the way I feel, Jeff reconnected me with the creative power of the imagination (teaching me how to use it as a tool for cultivating a positive mindset & for meditation/relaxation), and in that way, I feel so much more connected to myself, as well as my intuition…

I believe that a true healer shows a person that they have the power to heal themselves. Jeff has always encouraged me to seek the answers within, which has boosted my confidence in my ability to trust myself and has helped to liberate my self-expression. But whenever I’m over-complicating things, or feeling stuck or unable to figure things out independently, he is an honest, straightforward guide who brings me back down to earth by offering me alternate perspectives and the practical insights necessary to help me find my way again. I can talk to him about anything, but it’s more than just a safe space to vent or to purge stagnant emotion; the conversations actually leave me with so much to think about in my own time. Having realized that I wasn’t loving myself, nor living my life as the person I was ultimately born to be, I have been able to shed so many painful illusions that had been plaguing my mind for years following traumas that I had been unable to cope with or process on my own. As hard as I may have tried to go it alone, it was therapy which finally began to ease the struggle…

Because Jeff understands the power of the subconscious mind so well, and in turn, the mind-body connection, he’s helped me to define various underlying causes of chronic illness that go beyond the physical alone. I knew those underlying causes had to exist, but I could not figure it out for the life of me. I needed to speak to someone exceptionally wise, sensitive, and who could communicate with me in terms of symbolism and the language of the soul… Before I came to Apex, I had been aware of various self-help tools and concepts, but it wasn’t until I worked with Jeff in dislodging my own hidden blocks that I could actually begin to become more effective at implementing certain things. Bringing shadow to light had a subtle way of helping me to overcome a wide array of debilitating food sensitivities. Indeed, that’s how powerful the subconscious mind is over our health, energy, and well-being, and that’s how effective therapy can be at reaching the seemingly unreachable. Jeff helped me to understand that which I thought I would never understand, and he influenced me to begin to think more positively during a time in my life where I would have otherwise slipped into hopelessness. Working with him as my therapist has been a time of accelerated personal development and self-growth, and yet, there is also patience and good humor woven into the process. I am overflowing with gratitude.

Ellen Koumarianos

2 years ago

I would like to give a shout out to Jeffrey Aviles of Maryland Apex Hypnosis. I had a session with Jeffrey to work on my procrastination issue as I am, or was, the biggest procrastinator there ever was. In the past 4-6 weeks, there have been changes in that area. The steps that Jeffrey has me working on are allowing me to recognize traits in myself that cause me to “procrastinate” when things need to be done. I am meditating on a regular basis and reading self-help books that are pointing out personal traits that need work. The first book was one I had begun to read 6 months prior. I had read 140 pages and was going to start the book over but decided to just pick up where I had left off. Well, the very next chapter was titled “End Procrastination”. I thought I was definitely on the right track. I thank Jeffrey for his insight and help and will not hesitate to see him again if need be and will also not hesitate to recommend Jeffrey to friends.

marcella brown

5 months ago

This has been the most wonderful experience I’ve encountered he has allowed me to release much negative energy I feel 30 pounds lighter leaving his office simply amazing thank you for such a amazing breakthrough ❤️

Nyoni Bennett

2 months ago

Amazing therapy sessions with Jeff. I definitely recommend 100% !

Ieisha Washington

2 years ago

If I could give this man a 10 star I would. After going through so much after having my babies I thought my life would never be the same but to have someone to talk with, with so much positive energy is great. No matter how much negativity I thought about myself this man found the positives now I see the positive in myself. I feel like everyone should have this same experience and check him out this man is amazing!!!

Eileen Davenport

2 years ago

I felt very comfortable with this process and felt confident afterwards.

Lookman M.


I’ve been a client at Maryland Apex Hypnosis for over three months where I’ve been seeing Jeffrey since May 2018.

Let’s be honest, it can be quite difficult to seek therapy, and even more difficult to find the right therapist. I’ve seen a few therapist over the course of the year, but there is no other therapist like Jeffrey! We’ve had many life changing sessions where he has an arsenal of tools (e.g. psychological frameworks and theories) in his toolkit to get to the root of your issues while maintaining his down-to-earthness such that you can be the best version of yourself. Jeffrey is extremely professional, productive, approachable, and accommodating. He’s also an amazing listener and can say some profound things that will leave you wanting more sessions. It’s August 2018, and I can say that I’m on a better path because of Jeff.

Unfortunately, the only reason why I will be discontinuing my service with Jeff is due to my relocation to another city. He will be surely missed. However, Jeff is so kind and warm that he has even extended an offer to do telecommunications if I ever need anything as I set forth on a new journey of confidence, resiliency, and determination. I’m thankful and I look forward to what’s to come because of Jeffrey!

Fellow readers, please message me if you have any additional questions about my experience with Jeffrey at Maryland Apex Hypnosis in regards to therapy or hypnosis. I’d be glad to answer them!

Mike T.


I have been coming to Maryland Apex Hypnosis for almost a year now and I have always been pleased with my visit. Jeff is professional and friendly, he is able to diagnose the clients situation without seeming overwhelming or invasive. I have had tremendous results with the program, results that are sometimes hard to explain until you feel them for yourself, but my outlook and perception on life has completely changed into a positive and encouraging view. For someone who has struggled with life long depression and anxiety issues and went through and extended period of substance abuse, these results played a vital part in saving my life and shaping my future. I also want to add, for any skeptics out there, I was a skeptic too. I didn’t believe in hypnosis, I thought someone putting me to sleep with a pocket watch, yeah ok. However, after experiencing Maryland Apex Hypnosis with Jeff I realized that hypnosis is something vastly different than what I had perceived and what is portrayed in the media. So if you or a loved one are considering therapy or hypnosis or both, do yourself a favor and call Maryland Apex Hypnosis.

Geneva A.


I have been through many therapists. Most just talk to me. Jeffrey however has taught me many coping techniques. Things that no one else has told me or even tried to teach me. I am thankful to be one of his patients. I’m hoping in time with his help to find myself in a better position. He’s truly great. Give him a chance. You never know until you try.

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