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So long long ago i had this client that came to me with this major dilemma.


He called me in a panic and asked If hypnosis can help him quit smoking. He told me it was urgent that he quit. 


I asked him why was this so urgent now. And he replied it was cause he promised his wife that he would quit smoking. 


So as he paused and waited for my response. I replied sure I can help but it depends. He immietdalty shout back on what. 


I told him two things the first being if he wanted to quit or if he just wanted to quit cause his wife was forcing him….. He the asked why it even mattered. ,,,,, I let him know if he was only doing this cause his wife was forcing him that hypnosis wouldn’t work for him. 


He told me that was part of the reason but the real reason was this. His kids were coming of age and it was only so long he could hide from them that he smoked. 


He said he felt like if he quit now they would never find out that he was a smoker. 


I then asked him why hypnosis and he said its cause everything else has failed. When I asked why these other approaches failed he blurted out as if he had rehearsed this answer. He said it was cause the other quit smoking methods didnt help him deal with the real problem which was dealing with his stress. 


I was a little surprised to hear this because not most people make this connection between smoking and other quit smoking products. 


All the quit smoking products due its treat your nicotine problem by giving you less nicotine and that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Plus how would a nicotine product help you deal with stress. 


It cant.


That the simple reality of things. If you smoke when you are stressed its cause your problem has decided that smoking is the best way to deal with stress. 


So it will continue to smoke over and over despite the fact that it didn’t make any dent whatsoever to the stress. 


But thats why hypnosis is one of the best approaches for quitting smoking. Not only does it help you rewire your mind to rely on smoking to deal with stress. 


But it also does one more thing. It helps you see the power of your mind to make a cigarette seem more important then anything else in your life. 


And just think if it can open your eyes to that it can also help you see how easy you can beat this habit if you really try. 


And thats why its also successful cause it get you to finally use your power of belief and to rewire your subconscious. 


I explained this to him so he came to my office extremely confident and ready to quit. He told me he practiced making it easy and even follow the instructions I gave him In my quit smoking guide book. Needless to say after just two hours with me he quit smoking. He told me about a few months later he had no cravings and was happy to be smoke free.