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If you're ready to stop letting your subconscious mind sabotage your success and you want to learn how to harness that part of you to help you be successful. You're in the right place.

I'm Jeffrey Aviles hypnotist and licensed therapist with over ten years of experience.

Your customized hypnotherapy experience begins with you. Click here to schedule your FREE Hypnosis Strategy session by phone to discuss your goals and set a plan of action for your success.

Learn how to eliminate that old internal image of yourself so you can create a new external image and finally live life the way you wanted to live it.


My primary goal is to give you the best process designed for you in the most efficient use of your time.


What do you want to change today?


It’s about grabbing the momentum for change and taking action now.


It’s about grabbing the momentum for change and taking action now.


Some may say this is a magical process because of the rapid change that happens. 

But it's not. Its just the simple rewiring of the subconscious mind. 


Which will allow you to discover. ..


How to get results immediately even if everything you have tried in the past has failed. 


You will experience a customized process rather than a one size fits all approach that will allow you to sustain your progress even years after working together. 


You will also experience a powerful hypnotic experience that will give you undeniable proof that something inside of you has changed. 


Gain Mastery of my best hypnotic techniques so you will never need to see me again. P.S most hypnotists won't share these secrets because they want you to come back. 


So stop overthinking your problem.


Stop hoping and wishing it went away.

Stop trying methods that don't work.

Let me help you get the results you want Now! 

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Click here to discover how to schedule your Hypnotic Strategy Session to set a plan for your success


Eliminate unnecessary body fat and rediscover your confidence.


Breathe easier, smell better, and take control of your health.


Release worry, let go of fear and step into your best comfort.


Boost your self-esteem and step into the best version of you.

Health & Wellness

Rapidly condition your mind and body for healthy new behaviors.


Professional hypnotherapy certification that launches careers.

“This is going be like the staples red button ITS GOING TO BE EASY.”


Most people cripple their success because they wait to take action. When in fact the best way to resolve any problem is by taking action immediately because the longer you wait the more momentum is lost causing you to not have the required amount of desire and intensity to follow through on solving your problem.


Now, I want you to be aware of the fact that this is going to be dramatically different from anything you’ve done before. From the moment you walk in the door, we will get to work immediately to identify what has been holding you back… and help you let go of it!


Hypnosis is a natural process in which your mind is more receptive to positive suggestions, insight, and releasing negative feelings.  It’s your mind’s ability to rapidly integrate new skills, strategies, and strengths.


Want to see what hypnosis looks like Watch Jeffrey Do hypnosis on radio show!

My interest in hypnosis began when I noticed therapy just wasn’t as effective as I thought. I found myself working 6 months to a year with clients and I felt like there had to be an easier way


Hypnosis was that easier way which allowed me to get clients better results in a shorter amount of time.


I’ve been full-time doing this change work for more than a dozen years.


And have possibly hypnotized hundreds of people including the stages hypnosis shows I’ve done.


My approach is focused on what we can do to build on your current strengths.


Next, I help you transform that part of you that’s holding you back. 


So it can start working with you and not against you.


Here’s how you get started. 


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Click here to discover how to schedule a strategy session to help you get the results you want.

From Our Clients

“Jeffrey was given my case, something I feel very lucky about. Every appointment he gives new perspectives and connects the dots on how to improve my life. Furthermore, he’s very relatable and knows things are hard but helps you find ways they can get better. I feel like the techniques he gives me are ones I can take with me for the rest of my life.”



“My daughter started seeing Jeff as our family was entering into a seperation period. My fear was that she would have a hard time opening up but that was laid to rest immediately. Jeff was able to get her to open up and he also taught her ways to handle her emotions in a healthy way which was life changing. I’m very appreciative of Jeff specifically for helping our family. I highly recommend Jeff to work with children who may be suffering from depression and anxiety.



“My therapist is Jeffrey. He is the best therapist I have ever had. He is very respectful. He always knows just what to say. He always has me to look at things from different perspectives. He offers great suggestions. He gives me great techniques and exercises for me to practice to help with my anxiety and other things I go through. And they work. I was very depressed when I first seen Jeffrey, he has help me to get through that dark time and come out stronger. I have made more progress in the past year since I have been going to sessions with Jeffrey, than I have in my 31 years. I put the work in to change my life, but Jeffrey has encouraged me the whole way. Jeffrey encourages me to follow my dreams, and helps me to attain my goals. ”



“I finally quit the nasty habit I had for 34 years, 23 days and 3 hours!!! I love this place. I am now one of those people who HATE smoking and any smoke around me! They were awesome! If you want to quit – see them. Stop thinking you can do this alone. YOU CANNOT. I used to smoke 2 packs a day and 3 when I was working. I was almost a chain smoker. Now I am free and clear of that disgusting, nasty, awful addition that is NOT COOL. Now I don’t cough all night either.”



“1 1 / 2 years have gone by since I have smoked a cigarette. At least that is what you told me when I reached out to him a few months back to see if he does hypnosis for other issues. He keeps track. I however, do not. I never have.

My experience has been so effortless, it boggles my mind. In fact, the only time I think of smoking is how amazed I am that I never really want a cigarette. Or when I tell people about my experience and offer them he’s contact.

Many people simply don’t believe me, or they do believe me and don’t actually want to stop. This is only if you are ready to actually end your habit with cigarettes. I had a few smokes on the way over to his office. I went with a positive open mind and left an hour and a half later changed. This will work for you if you want it to. I bet my life on it.”



Let’s Get You Started  Living a Successful Life