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I know many of you have wonder this and have probably come to the conclusion that’s it’s because of the nicotine right. 


I mean that’s what the doctors say. So is it true cause that’s what the doctors say. Well……not necessarily their is really another culprit at play here. One that you didn’t expect.


And one that your doctor said want aware of either.


It’s also the most likely reason why when you smoke and quit you start craving sugar or gaining weight cause of all the sweets you starting eating.


If you interested in knowing I’m reveal to you the answer soon. Cause after all what’s the point in just teasing you and not giving the answer behind why cigarettes are so addictive.


That would be mean and heartless and not in line with my mission to help smokers quit that nasty dreadful habit forever.

So the ingredient I’m speaking over that makes smoking so hard to quit is sugar. Yep tobacco companies realize our weakness to sugary treats and exploit kinda like my cousin exploits Amazon refund policy. 


These evil corporations have added sugar to these cancer sticks in order to make it hard to quit. Which means the patches and gum are useless against this type of offense.


But you know what approach isn’t. Hypnosis for quitting smoking. Cause not only can it address the reason behind smoking it also can help with sugary treats.


In fact I have a technique called a craving buster that is specifically for cravings related to smoking and cigarettes.


It’s works by attacking the craving and not avoiding it which is typically what most people do. They run away from the craving instead of using something that allows them to face it head on.


If you would like more information on how it works let me know.