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There are several numbers thrown around. Some say that is estimated about 75% could be hypnotized with 25% being difficult. Other studies say 90% of the population can be hypnotized with 10% not being able to no matter what intervention is tried. But I don’t really believe in these stats.


And as I reflect on everyone that I struggled with hypnotizing I noticed it was happening more so when I was first began utilizing hypnosis.


And the problem kind of went away as I became more efficient and experienced with hypnosis.


And as I reflect back on what was the reason as to why I wasn’t successfully hypnotizing people. I realize what was my biggest mistake.

I wasn’t totally confident that I could hypnotize them and I was just saying a bunch of words. I wasn’t looking for things that I’m currently looking for and I relied heavily on one induction.(which is the way you hypnotize someone.)


Nowadays I use a multitude of inductions. But that’s not the only thing that’s changed. I used to think that someone had to be extremely relaxed in order to go under hypnosis which is not the case.


I’ve had people go under hypnosis while laughing overthinking and being upset.


 These are emotions you would assume would prevent somebody from going into hypnosis. Yet I use them to my advantage. Because these emotions carry  a heavy charge I was able to use them to my advantage.


And that’s how I now do hypnotherapy. Which makes life alot easier for me. Especially if your the type of person that easily loses control to their emotions. Cuz all I have to do is repurpose that energy into hypnotizing you.


It sounds pretty simple but took years of effort and practice but now I pretty much have it now.


So if you’re curious of whether or not you can be hypnotized I challenge you to give me a call and see if I could do it over the phone.


If I don’t you can just call me a lair. Lol Just kidding don’t say that.