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This is a pretty easy question to answer so I’ma go ahead and tell you how.
Cause it can be quite frustrating endlessly searching Google pages to find a good hypnotherapist. So I’m a outline three things you should be looking for in order to determine if the hypnotherapist you’re working with is a good fit.
Now this list isn’t going to be anything generic or that you should already know. This is more of a pulling the curtains back and revealing to you what really matters. So buckle up as I share with you three things you should look for when working with a hypnotherapist.
 The first thing isn’t as obvious to most but it is to me cuz I’ve been doing this work for a while. And in my estimation most people fail to get effective results because of this one problem a lot of hypnotherapist face.
1 # That problem is the inability to use more than one induction.
An induction is the process by which you place someone under hypnosis. Most hypnotherapist are just really good at using a long boring progressive muscle relaxation induction where a lot of visual imagery is used. Which honestly does work. However it’s ineffective for individuals that process the world in the auditory or kinesthetic matter and struggle with creating visual images.
They then are left sitting in a chair wondering if they are hypnotized or not when obviously they aren’t. Whenever you’re working with a hypnotherapist you want to make sure that they are able to use more than one induction.
If they are great because on the off chance the first one doesn’t work they can sneak a second one in without you even knowing. And when I say sneak I’m just saying that cause you shouldn’t be able to tell when they go from visual sense language to speaking in a kinesthetic sense language. And this is all done to ensure you go into hypnosis a lot faster.
2# The second thing that you should be on the lookout for when working with a hypnotherapist is whether or not you and that person have good rapport.
You see back in the old days hypnotist used to think that if you just shot out certain commands and suggestions that the person would just change. That unfortunately was incorrect and really stupid. It lead to people having awkward experiences with hypnotherapist and thinking these people are weird.
And to be honest their are still some people in the area of Baltimore that still operate this way or think that by reading a special script the person is going to change. That is not the case and that’s why it’s important you speak to the hypnotist you work with before you schedule anything. If you and they don’t have a good rapport with you the strategy or script they use isn’t going to be effective.
So make sure you and this person get along and that you feel confident that they can help you. If there’s any part of you that doubts whether or not this is going to work for you then the hypnotist has done a horrible job of demonstrating to you that they can help you.
If that’s the case you need to go find someone else.
Now the third reason is one that many people aren’t aware of. And I alluded to it a bit in the previous passage but I’m going to really expand on it here.
3 # I touched on it earlier when I mentioned hypnotherapist that use scripts. Now these scripts can be effective at times but they should be more like inspiration and not used every time. And what a lot of hypnotherapist do is they use a one size fits all approach. Especially when a script is rely on heavily. What I mean by that is they continue to use the same script with the same person over and over and don’t customize anything. For the specific individual.
Which kind of defeats the purpose of why they came to see you after all if they wanted to just listen to a script they could have just listen to a YouTube video or something. Which honestly wouldn’t be effective cuz it wouldn’t be tailored to specifically you and your unique experiences. We are all individuals and have individual problems. They may seem similar but a unique approach is required for each person.
So one of the ways you know whether or not someone is using a script while you’re under hypnosis is if they’re including your problems that you already discussed with them. Ideally they should be customizing it to fit your unique problem.
If they aren’t then the results you’re going to get are going to be sporadic and you’re not going to feel that confident in the process which is going to cause you to doubt yourself and you aren’t going to change. And you life is going to spiral out of control to the point where lol just kidding.
So that’s the three tips you should follow when looking for hypnotherapist I hope this was helpful.
And if you have any other questions about hypnosis that you would like answered feel free to reach out to me.