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Well that’s a great question and one I want to answer. But first I want to ask another so please just bear with me .

If you can’t then. Just skip down to the bottom to get the answer.

So the question I had in mind came from a friend of mine that thought personal trainers wouldn’t work for them . Which oddly enough they was convinced was true even though they never met with a personal trainer in their life. So I was quite stunned that they would arrive at this conclusion despite the testimonials from clients in the fitness industry and mountains of evidence behind the success rates of people who use them.

So as I posed this question to them they had a special rebuttal.

It was one that most people who are skeptical about hypnosis use. Its the I’m different and that wouldn’t work for me objection.

But that isn’t really what the person is saying the person is really saying something else.

When they say it won’t work for me what they really saying is I’m hopeless and I’ma prove it to you that no one can help me.

And I say thats the real meaning behind them saying it wont work for them because you really don’t know if something is going to work for you until you try it.

Also aren’t you fighting for your limitations. Like fighting to keep them by identifying something you’ve never tried and saying it won’t work for you.

Hypnosis does work and you can be hypnotized.

But that’s not really the question you should be asking yourself.

Cause if you can get absorbed in a movie or loose control over your emotions. You can be hypnotized.

However the question you should be asking is Will hypnosis help me solve this problem.

And if your interested in learning what problems hypnosis can help with feel free to contact me.