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This is one of the most common questions I get asked whenever I’m going through marketing events or speaking events.


People seeing stage hypnosis and begin to wander can you make me quack like a duck can you make me forget my name.


And the answer is yes and no.


Which probably isn’t what you wanted to hear so let me give you more information on this.


It’s a yes because if you can visualize something then it’s possible for you to be hypnotized.


However what if I can’t visualize or have a horrible imagination. Can I still be hypnotized.


The answer is yes.


Take my beautiful lovely girlfriend for instance who have honed my hypnotic skills with..


On the outside you may think she is great at visualize or has a wonderful imagination.


But she doesn’t.


I’m fact I remember taking her to a stage hypnosis show one time and her being brought up on stage…only to be kicked off a few minutes later cause she wouldn’t be hypnotized.


Which made me laugh cause she’s an almost candidate with me.


So what made her unsuccessful on stage and what may cause you to struggle with hypnosis if you struggle with visualize.


It’s simple really.


It’s calibrating if what you are doing is working.




I could just have you close your eyes and hypnotized you.


But if I don’t ask you questions it’s gonna be difficult for me to determine if anything is working.


That’s why with several of the people I work with I have such high success rates with them going under hypnosis.


Its because I’m not guessing that I’m able to make sure the people I work with get results.


So the real answer to the question of can I be hypnotized really depends on the hypnotized your working with.


If you work with someone like me that is skilled and uses your responses to help you depend on the trace, yes it’s easy.


If your working with someone that is just guess then it’s gonna be a crab shoot.


You may get hypnotized you may not.


It just depends.


On that notes their is something else I wanted to share it’s about what percentage of the population can be hypnotized.


It’s honestly a number that will surprise you.


And it’s much pretty %100. But their are those that are easier to hypnotize than other people.


That information I won’t share today but I will share it tomorrow.


And if you want some research behind how effective hypnosis is let me know.