Have You Lost Hope in Traditional Therapy?

Or feel like no one can help you with your anxious thoughts? Well I have some very explosive information that is gonna upset some people but free others.

The Truth Is Most experts arent telling you why your body wont stop creating anxiety and or PTSD Symptoms. But I will.

We have a safety system in us designed to protect us from danger. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it becomes hypersensitive and triggers anxiety or worse, PTSD. Once this happens, your life changes and you find yourself looking for, and reacting to, real or perceived threats. This leads to symptoms like racing thoughts, fear of impending doom, feeling on edge at all  times without knowing why, a negative inner voice that seems to criticize your every decision, plus tons of other symptoms that make you fear you’re never gonna be normal again. 

All of this can seem a bit disheartening but I have some good news for you. I know how to reset this safety system so it’s not constantly triggered. There is a process that will reprogram your mind. The first step is seeing you aren’t in danger and the second step is believing you aren’t in danger. Most approaches accomplish the first step and help you see you aren’t in danger at a conscious level. However, they fail at the second step which is to help you believe at a subconscious level that you aren’t in danger. That’s what my 4 step approach aims to do. 

Step 1. Reset the body’s safety system and provide you with a technique called Emotional Blitz that immediately eliminates the anxiety sensation you experience in your stomach and chest. Creating the positive side effect that you no longer avoid situations because of the fear you’re gonna have a panic attack. This is a technique I learned from a world renowned Stanford scientist. I named it the Emotional Blitz because of its power in overcoming any overwhelming emotion in just seconds.

Step 2. Reduce or eliminate racing thoughts so you stop spending hours worrying about if something is going to happen or how you could have handled a past situation differently. Instead, you will be able to be in the present moment and let go of any past memories that you struggle with letting go of. I’ll also teach you the Memory Neutralizer technique which allows you to take the emotional charge out of any memory and finally feel free of your past.

Step 3. Help you understand how you are creating negative thoughts that are causing you to doubt yourself at every turn and instead develop a mechanism by which you fuel more realistic thoughts to occur. This is a simple approach That I call the Success Reel that you can practice five minutes a day that can literally change your brain. It works by hijacking the process the mind uses to create negative thoughts and repurprose so that you are producing and creating an automic stream of confident thoughts and feelings. 

Step 4. This one took me years to discover and I’m surprised more experts don’t focus on it. I truly believe everything else I teach you is useless unless you learn how to utilize and master this approach. I call it the Success Triggers. It’s a series of tools and strategies that help you to create happiness on command. Once you learn this tool you’ll stop relying on others for happiness and will no longer need to be a people pleaser.

People have said that this is a once in a lifetime experience because of the massive change that takes place in just a month. But there’s a catch: this isn’t open to everyone. I’m highly selective of who I work with, meaning you have to convince me you want to get better. That’s a requirement. So if you don’t really want to, please don’t call me expecting me to be your savior and do all the work for you. You have to want this result as bad as I do.

It’s typically 4, one on one, 60-90 minute sessions with you feeling different after just 1 session. And yes, this is backed by a money back guarantee, which to be honest most therapists don’t offer but I do because of how confident I am in this process. Because of the high demand for this very effective process, spots are limited. If you are interested, please schedule now. Wait lists sometimes take as long as 2 months.

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