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So I wanted to give you a little insight into who I am and what I do. Just to bring you up to speed with some of my accomplishments I was a clinical director, director of marketing, growth coach for a large real estate company and I’m currently a licensed clinical social worker, licensed drug and alcohol counselor, certified clinical supervisor and certified hypnotist. Ad well as my biggest accomplishment of all being a dad. 

I’ve done a bunch of other things as well like traveled the world to receive training from some of the worlds best hypnotist and therapists. These training sessions have given me a massive edge over other hypnotist and therapist in the region but that probably isn’t what you’re interested in hearing. If you’re like many of my other clients, when I ask them what do they really want to know about me they dont ask about my trainings or credentials. What they ask is why did I get into this field. 

And that answer is a bit multi-layered so let me start off with being a little vulnerable  here and pulling back the layers.

I first got into this field of helping people reduce their emotional pain because of the pain i had experienced as a kid as well as because of what my friends were going through. 

See as a kid I had a horrible stutter it was bad it would sometimes take me five minutes just to get a word out so you can imagine how much I was torture and bullied all through out my life. 

So it was only natural that as I aged and became more confident that I would want to help others who experienced emotional pain like mine it didn’t have to be the same it just had to be a feeling that they coulndt get over. 

So you can imagine my excitement to help people when I became a licensed therapist. However  I saw a glaring problem in my training. That problem was therapy school really didn’t prepare me to do good work. I would work with the most amazing people and be unable to help them because all I was really doing was surface level work. 

I would help them gain insight and recognize how their past shaped them. But that didn’t really amount to any change. That’s when one day I was doing some research on anxiety and trauma and this research led me to hypnosis. Which I thought was the weirdest thing ever and was fake or only for weak minded people.

 But because I realized I could be doing more to help my clients I decided to give it a shot anyway. The first thing I did was hypnotizing my hand to stick on a table. And to my surprise it worked. I couldn’t get it unstuck. Initially I thought that was a fluke so I called a friend of mine who was extremely analytical and calls BS on everything.(I think she stopped believing in Santa at the age of 6.) 

Anyway she had a flight coming up and had a big fear of flying so much so that she would have to get extremely drunk just to fly. I asked if I could practice some hypnosis on her and she said yes. So I did one session on her and when she landed she called and told me she didnt have one single drink and she wasn’t at all afraid. I was blown away by this and began to use hypnosis with my other clients and who got amazing results. Things that used to take a whole year of therapy were now resolved in a month.

 However if im being honest with you these results haven’t solely been from hypnosis they’ve been from so many cool strategies and techniques like EFT symbolic modeling nlp etc. See i dont believe in a one sizes fits all model so I’ve learned plenty of different strategies and I continue to learn more just because I get excited at the expression on peoples faces when a problem they’ve had their whole life is resolved in just a matter of weeks.  That’s also why I want to make you a promise, that promise is this: if you aren’t blown away in just one session with me, I’ll refund you all your money. And I’m willing to offer this guarantee because I love working with people and this is truly my passion So with that being said I hope this inspired you to give me a call.